Since 2007, INKO Consulting has been offering specialised engineering and consulting services associated with

  • analyses,
  • designing,
  • construction,
  • operation,
  • control,
  • supervision, and
  • technical support

for nuclear and radiation facilities as well as for other complex industrial facilities.


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  • Risk assessment following a railway traffic accident
  • Preparation of the White Paper on development of the electricity supply industry from the perspective of further nuclear power exploitation in Slovenia
  • Study on spatial sitting of new nuclear plants in Slovenia and in a broader context
  • Studies addressing safety criteria and licensing procedures for new nuclear plants
  • Study on aircraft crash-risk probability
  • Elaboration of a program and management of a school for legislation regulating the field of nuclear and radiation safety
  • Expertises in the field of nuclear and radiation safety
  • Examination of a project documentation and safety report for radioactive-waste disposal sites
  • Monitoring radioactivity in the environment
  • Examination of the project documentation and safety report for closing down a uranium mine
  • Examination of national reports  on radioactive-waste and used-fuel management
  • Environmental impact assessment


  • Slovenian Power Plants Holding
  • GEN Energy
  • Radioactive Waste Agency
  • Slovenian Railways
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Jozef Stefan Institute
  • Kr┼íko Nuclear Power Plant
  • International Atomic Agency
  • Institute for Metal Constructions
  • Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute